Forms and Documents
5 Available
  1. Annual permission form to be retained by Troop Leader.
  2. Heath Form for adults (required for trips).
  3. Heath Form for girls (required for trips).
  4. Photo Release for girls.
  5. Parent/Caregiver Agreement Form
6 Available
  1. Application for financial assistance.
  2. Form to request a troop bank account.
  3. Process for setting up a troop or community account.
  4. Submit this within 2 weeks of opening an account.
  5. Finance Report Monthly Tracking Tool
  6. Form for Troop Money Earning Activities
8 Available
  1. Use this to notify GSGC of an incident.
  2. Safety guidelines for various activities.
  3. Information and form for taking trips with your troop.
  4. Facility use & insurance information for meetings.
  5. Position description and agreement form for MY24
  6. 2023-2024 Troop Product Manager Form
  7. Girl Scout Code of Conduct Form
  8. Girl Scout Troop Disbanding Form
2 Available
  1. Camp Kateri Timber & Land Management Statement.
  2. This waiver is required for some outdoor activities.